PVC Panels Modern Daily Life Indispensable Building Materials

  PVC Panels modern daily life indispensable building materials

  PVC Panels is a vacuum with PVC pressure on the substrate surface, you can have three-dimensional modeling, due to the overall coating, waterproof and moisture-proof performance is better, a variety of colors and lines can choose. But the surface is easy to scratch, knock injury, not high temperature. Moreover, PVC due to the glue in the process of glue will be immersed in the substrate, the plate is easy to deformation.

  In today's home improvement construction, the ceiling material is endless, from the rise of PVC Panels to occupy most of the market of aluminum slab plate, and now to the steel plate, the rise of integrated ceiling, people in the choice of kitchen and toilet when the ceiling with the more choices.

  Public bicycles and kiosks are all environmentally friendly. At the same time, taking into account the Yantai coastal city unique damp climate, Zhaoting materials will be aluminum-plastic panels, PVC Panels and Caigang mainly.

  The reason why the choice of aluminum-plastic panels, PVC Panels, the project leader said, mainly to prevent the city wild advertising "on the face." "With the color steel you clean up the 'psoriasis' when it will scratch the paint, once the color steel inside the steel and air contact, it is easy to form 'face', thus affecting the overall station Pavilion beautiful. Plastic board, PVC Panels more convenient, even if there are psoriasis paste, it is easy to be cleared out.