PVC Folding DoorsFire Prevention And Pollution

PVC folding Door, as its name implies, is the use of PVC as the main material for the formation of folding doors, this kind of folding door has a very big share in today's market, although the PVC folding door has developed very quickly in our country market, but because our country in this aspect's start time is relatively late, therefore many people cannot go to completely answer the PVC folding door how to this question.

Before we said PVC folding door is the main material made of PVC folding door, then why should use PVC as the main material? What are the advantages of it? PVC, also known as PVC, this chemical material has a very stable chemical properties, and it is not only rich in color but also very difficult to volatile harmful gases, is a widely used materials, and the use of PVC for the main raw materials produced by folding door also has a PVC acid corrosion, moisture and wear resistance, and many other advantages, but also to PVC folding door is the most important point is the price is low, in China today's door industry market has a very long term prospects, There is no limit to its development.

PVC folding doors are generally adopted custom mode, according to the different categories of custom, its price is not the same, for example, if you customize a bathroom PVC folding door, then the price is about 220 yuan per square; If you are customizing a kitchen PVC folding door, then the price is about 750 yuan per square; If you are customizing a living room or balcony PVC folding door, then the price is correspondingly higher, reaching 1000 yuan per square. In short, PVC folding door According to the category of different specifications and have different prices, but generally speaking, PVC folding doors are equipped with easy installation features, and most of the fire prevention and pollution, is a very popular door industry today.