PVC Folding Doors China's Market Has Developed Very Quickly

PVC folding door, as the name suggests, that is, the use of PVC as the main material produced by the formation of folding doors, the folding door in the present market has a very large share of the proportion, although PVC folding doors in China's market has developed very rapidly, In this regard the start time is relatively late, so many people can not go to fully answer the PVC folding door how to this problem.

1.pvc how about folding doors

In front of we said PVC folding door that is PVC as the main material produced by the folding door, so why use PVC as the main material? In the end it has what kind of advantages? PVC, also known as PVC, this chemistry Material has a very stable chemical properties, and it not only has a rich color and is also very easy to volatilize the harmful gases, is a widely used materials, and the use of PVC as the main raw material made of folding doors also have a PVC Acid and alkali corrosion, moisture and wear resistance and many other advantages, and PVC made of folding doors is the most important point that is low prices in China's today's door market has a very long-term prospects, its development Is limitless. Since Xiaobian said PVC folding door price is very low, then the PVC folding door specific price is how much?

2.pvc folding door price

PVC folding doors are generally used to customize the model, according to the different types of customized, the price is also different, for example, if you customize a bathroom PVC folding door, then the price of about 110 yuan per square or so; if you The custom is a kitchen room PVC folding door, then the price is about $ 750 per square; if you are customized by a living room or balcony PVC folding door, then the price will be correspondingly higher, To more than 1,000 yuan per square. In short, PVC folding doors are different according to different types of specifications and have different prices, but in general, PVC folding doors are equipped with the characteristics of easy installation, and most of the fire pollution, is now very popular door industry categories.

3. Read the contents of the description described above, I believe that the PVC folding door how to this problem, all my friends have a perfect answer, because PVC folding door is not only easy to install, and low prices, I believe it must be many Do the choice of home improvement friends.