PVC Floor: Environmentally-friendly Formaldehyde-free Popular Decoration Market

According to understand, from 80 generation first paragraph PVC tablets material floor into China market yilai, has been to 2000 whole PVC plastic floor industry are is in 0 groping stage, 2000-2004 PVC plastic floor has has preliminary of development, 2004-2007 PVC plastic movement floor and commercial floor gradually get has industries of recognized, increasingly more of game site, and sports venues began selection professional of PVC plastic movement floor, More and more construction began following suit, began to use commercial floor PVC. Follow 08 Olympic Games held in Beijing, and the market for PVC plastic floor approval. According to the expert analysis of PVC plastic flooring industry has entered a period of development. Next 5-10 will enter into a period of rapid development.

PVC flooring PVC sheet flooring, PVC flooring, PVC sheet floor three. PVC material is PVC resin as the main raw material, add the proper adjuvant, continuous substrate sheet, after the coating process, into foam PVC sheet with substrate floors and a dense PVC with base material coil floor two, its width 1.8, 2.0 meters. Roll length 20, 30m, thickness 1.5mm, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm. PVC membrane is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, selection should choose excellence. PVC membrane area required can be calculated according to the laying area times the loss factor of 1.10. If PVC roll floor clear width is exactly the width of the room, you need to consider the loss of 2%. Sheet flooring can be retail, buy as much as you want to and avoid waste. PVC sheet flooring is PVC and resin as main raw material, filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, colorant and other accessories, and is formed by extrusion technology for the production, homogeneity through the heart and has the same compound in two ways. Its specifications have long strips, squares, thickness ranging from 1.5-8mm. Size is generally 600*600, massive loss rate of 2% the floor.Green people attach great importance to the topic, environmental protection and family-friendly, health-related, and green decoration also aroused people's attention. Selection is the key to green decoration, many consumers do a lot of homework in the selection of links, in particular, is the attitude of formaldehyde, it is absolutely safe.

It is understood that the formaldehyde (molecular formula: HCHO), also known as formaldehyde, is the simplest aldehyde, is a flammable, colorless and usually irritating gases. Long-term exposure to low doses of formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory disease, adolescent memory and mental decline, nasopharyngeal cancer, colon cancer, brain tumors, menstrual disorders, pregnancy complications, newborn gene mutation, chromosomal abnormalities, leukaemia, nucleus, even causing DNA single strand within the joint and DNA protein Crosslinking, inhibition of DNA damage repair.