Artificial Marble VS Natural Marble Who Is Better?

  Artificial marble VS natural marble who is better?

  As we all know, marble and natural man-made, consumers pay more attention when the material is safe and environmentally friendly, then the marble is good or good man-made good? How to identify man-made and natural marble? Let's take a look at it.

  The advantages and disadvantages of natural marble


  The density of the material is fine, hardness is not very strong, in addition to easy processing, sculpture and grinding, polishing and so on. It polished smooth and delicate, natural texture smooth, have a better decorative. Natural marble low water absorption, high durability, can be used 40 - 100 years, is an important material for interior decoration.


  Mainly people worry about the radioactive elements, that is, people often say that radiation is the existence of all the defects of stone. There are two kinds of harm, 1, the human body's hematopoietic, nervous system damage; 2, is the radiation characteristics of radon, distributed to the air after being absorbed by the body will increase the risk of lung cancer. But we do not have to worry too much, the quality of qualified products, radioactive are not affected by the human body, can be ignored.

  The Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Marble


  It has the same texture with the natural stone, and the overall color of the stone color, color uniform, in addition, it is plastic, can be customized, flexible use, generally not cracking, and easier maintenance.


  Because the raw material of artificial marble is a derivative of petroleum, this derivative contains formaldehyde and benzene and other harmful substances, so this artificial marble harm even more, and some unscrupulous manufacturers in order to achieve the maximum profit, but also fill in the raw materials Plus other harmful substances, so that even more exacerbated the harm of artificial marble.

  How to identify man-made marble and natural marble

  There is a simple way, prepared in advance dilute hydrochloric acid, dip a few points in the stone, if it is natural marble, then there will be a dramatic bubble phenomenon, artificial marble is weak or even bubble blistering.

  In short, man-made marble and natural marble have their own advantages, but also have the inevitable shortcomings, we can according to their own needs, a reasonable choice of the type of marble. In fact, whether natural marble or artificial marble, must be selected real material, because the inferior quality and harm can not be determined.