Artificial Marble Manufacturing Method

  Artificial marble manufacturing method

  At present, the artificial marble are produced with resin, although the product translucent, but because the resin content of up to 30% or more, so that the product in the course of easy deformation, bending, aging, and the product heat temperature of about 40 ℃, affecting the service life, So can not show the natural stone texture and texture.

  The transparent marble, according to the quality ratio of its raw materials for the 5 to 100 mesh white diamond or rosin jade powder for the 500 to 700, ultra-fine calcium carbonate powder for 30 to 180, transparent unsaturated polyester resin 58 to 150, The initiator is 0.9 1.8, the accelerator is 0.06, the pigment is 0.01 to 1.5, and the transparent nano-SiO2 is 30 to 50.

  Ultra-fine calcium carbonate powder for more than 1250 head of calcium carbonate powder, transparent unsaturated polyester resin using crystal resin, initiator using ketone initiator, accelerator using cobalt accelerator, pigment selection of titanium, iron yellow and so on.

  The manufacturing steps of the transparent marble are as follows:

  1, Ingredients: 5 to 100 mesh white crystal or rosin jade powder and ultra-fine calcium carbonate powder stirring, get the mixture A;

  2, in the mixture A by adding paint stirring, the time 5 ~ 2O minutes, get the mixture B;

  3, in the mixture B by adding transparent unsaturated polyester resin, initiator and accelerator, mixing, followed by vacuum, vacuum 60 70cmHg, continue to stir until the material into a lump, the mixture C;

  4, in the mixture C by adding transparent nano-SiO material, stirring, vacuuming the material into the mold;

  5, will be injected into the material mold placed in a vacuum chamber, oscillation pressure, molding;

  6, after curing mold release, curing time & hours; hours after stripping 6 days:

  7, according to specifications, the demoulding of the substrate after cutting, grinding and finishing, that was transparent marble.

  The translucent man-made marble has the following advantages:

  1, the equipment is simple, easy to use materials, can use the existing equipment production. The use of transparent resin and transparent nano-materials to solve the traditional artificial marble can not light the problem, the primary color pigments are free to adjust, easy to set.To calculate the different texture, different colors of transparent marble, especially for small and medium-sized stone factory, Can use waste stone, but also to produce quality and cheap translucent artificial marble.

  2, made of marble with high simulation, good toughness, with a granular structure, low resin content, can be processed into 0.8mm thin plate. Production of a series of measures taken to help improve the quality of finished products; for example, stone ingredients with dry material mixing, and limit the water content, stirring in a vacuum, cloth, oscillation pressure to remove water and low molecular weight; Part of the soft resin, both as a liquid filler to reduce the amount of unsaturated resin; but also reduce the polymer polymerization reaction severity, the appropriate reduction of the rigidity of the stone, increased toughness to prevent cracks.

  3, cost reduction, significant benefits.

  4, with light, heat, deformation is not easy aging, etc., heat up to 70 degrees or more.