Analysis: PVC Floor Price Differences Exist?

In recent years, with the development of floor, flooring products on the market is also exciting. Floor as an indispensable decoration of everyday domestic life products, a variety of complex type dazzle consumers. Under the influence of different factors, market prices of flooring products is also different. PVC flooring as popular products currently on the market, and the price differential is haunted many consumers: we buy PVC flooring, the price difference in the end is what determines it?

PVC floor concept is a very extensive vocabulary, in the flooring market, consumers may be hard to distinguish between what is a PVC flooring. PVC floor refers to the main use of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material production floor, also called plastic floor, while in the market, also known as vinyl, plastic, flooring, laminate flooring and so on. It is now a very popular new light body decoration, starting from the early 80 's to enter the Chinese market. Due to its light weight, can significantly reduce the floor load; green, no radioactive pollution; wear-resistant, long service life; sound-absorbing noise; moisture-proof skid, in contact with water, not easily deformed many advantages, such as sweeping the floor market.