Advantages Of PVC Panels

  Advantages of PVC Panels

  PVC sheet for everyone more see, below we will introduce the advantages of PVC Panels, hope can help users friends!

  First, can be like wood sawing, nails, planing and other processing;

  Second, can be welded in accordance with the general welding procedures, but also with different rigid PVC material bonding.

  Third, usually suitable for thermoforming, heating bending and folding processing;

  The thermal stability of the organic tin stabilized system of PVC sheet is the best, but the price is high (about 4 times times higher than that of lead salt). PVC Panels Because the organic tin stability system itself has no lubrication effect, it needs to be applied with internal lubricant.

  PVC Panels and production of the time, the cutting process of PVC sheet is particularly important. In the process of plate processing, the early selection of materials, and then remove impurities, and then to the production and processing line, a large number of processing production

  PVC sheet is relatively easy to bend. The soft PVC extruded sheet is made by extruding the polyvinyl chloride resin into plasticizer and stabilizing agent. is mainly used in acid, PVC Panels alkali and other anti-corrosion equipment lining, can also be used as a general electrical insulation and sealing gasket materials, the use of temperature is-5 to +40℃, can be used as a substitute for rubber board products, the use of more widely belong to new environmentally friendly products.