PVC the floor why does not pop up?

(1) PVC flooring is the name likely to cause people's misunderstanding, referred to the plastic PVC more thought, a lot of people will confuse PVC flooring and PVC pipe, plastic containing toxic substances harmful to the human body. PVC flooring and plastic are not everything, PVC can be called polyvinyl chloride, PVC floor 100% does not contain toxic substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, no radiation, which belongs to the Green decoration materials will not cause harm to the human body. Also concerns about construction glue will contain formaldehyde, it should be recognized that many bad players in order to reduce costs, use glue quality is not good, can contain toxic materials, but now used in the construction of well-known brand manufacturers glue is special glue, which is a Green eco-friendly glue, don't worry it would release harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

(2) due to PVC floor of unique advantage and huge of development prospects, many domestic enterprise also began into PVC floor industry, after introduced equipment, and technology then absorption Digest development innovation, currently part enterprise in PVC tablets material and PVC Composite volume material aspects has has has progress, can production out high quality of PVC floor, but General Shang, PVC volume material production technology also enough perfect, still needed efforts. PVC flooring on the market, especially of some building materials city, gathered around a lot of small manufacturers, they compete mainly low-end market, catering to consumers to keep the price low, quality is not guaranteed. Also resulting in poor quality PVC floor flooded the market, people have misinterpreted natural PVC flooring. In order to protect the interests of consumers, it's also is the choice of leading brand products, there is an old saying in China called "cheap things always have bad quality, good stuff is not cheap", is also very reasonable.