Environmental protection concepts deeply rooted popular PVC flooring market

The emergence of something new, you must first have powerful vitality will only have a future development. Well, compared with other flooring, PVC flooring, what good does it do to our lives?

PVC flooring is a floor made of PVC material, is very popular in the world a new type of body decoration, also known as the "light body to build." Because is with PVC polymer material extrusion and into, than traditional wood compared has more highlight of superiority as: waterproof, moisture, mold, anti-deformation, anti-cracked, anti-insect, anti-termite, anti-acid alkaline strong, flame retardant, resistance waiting sex strong, anti-aging sex strong, special performance, its nature uses widely applies Yu school, and station, and hospital, public and home decoration needs.

PVC flooring PVC material and calcium carbonate is the main raw material, PVC material and calcium carbonate are nontoxic and renewable resources, nonpoisonous, no radiation. It has a lot of uses in people's daily life, such as water pipes, utensils, medical infusion bag and so on, are strongly advocated by the green national product. PVC floors are formaldehyde, benzene, phenol and other harmful chemicals, low lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, no radiation, is the only recycling the ground material, to protect our Earth's natural resources and ecological environment is of great significance.