PVC Marble Corner Line

Product Details

Artificial Marble Stone Plastic PVC Skirting Line

PVC marble panels Description:

Pvc marble panels Emperador Dark belongs to the dark series, for entire panel shows good glossiness.

Artificial Marble Panel is an environmental decoration material,which have the character of high degree of simulation,to a certain extent,the artificial marble panel can replace the real marble.

Artificial Marble Panel is cured by UV light after transparent environmental protection paint spray on the surface,then  the strong ultraviolet (UV) light curing after.

With full UV skills of UV board, which  has bright color and a strong visual impact, wear resistance, long service life, won't change color, easy clean, high technical requirements of mechanical equipment and technology, is an ideal decorative material.


Emperador Dark belongs to the dark series, for entire panel shows good glossiness.

Artificial Marble Panel has the character of cheap and easy install,so it is widely used in decoration ,such as KTV, hotels, clubs, nightclubs, cafes, beaches, dance halls, chains, conference center and other public places, places of entertainment on metope adornment engineering.

Product Description

Each PVC marble lines packaged with
1.packing film
2.Foam film
3.Carton box with pallet (About 2-15 pieces for each carton,dependes on the specification )
4.Container 20GP/40GP
Detailed packaging information would be
Depended on quantity and other factors.

product description

Company name

      Skype :stevehao2    
      Whatsupp:+86 18657378215

Product Name

PVC marble lines


      2.calcium carbonate
      3.Stabilizer and other chemical additives


      PVC marble Skirting board /lines
      30x25mm     waistline
      45x30mm     waistline
      50x30mm     waistline
      65x30mm     waistline
      80x27mm     waistline
      100x30mm   line
      120x30mm   line
      150x36mm   line
      180x45mm   line
      30x16mm     waistline
      300X15mm   skirting baseboard

Hot-selling  specification

      PVC marble lines


      Marble color (please see reference)
      Ambassador Black
      Amber Onyx
      Apollo Grey
      Arco Iris Onyx
      Black Marquina
      Bottichino Fiorito
      Breccia Oniciata
      Brown Onyx
      Calacata Gold
      Cherry Blossom
      Crystal White
      Daino Reale


300 meters



Lead time

About 7-14days after receipt of 30% advanced payment

Price term

FOB Shanghai/Ningbo

Payment term

      T/T 30% in advance,the balance against B/L copy


        As the main raw material is natural limestone powder(Calcium Carbonate),no toxic chemicals and preservatives areincluded and being 100 % recyclable
     2 Ultra-thin and light
        As the thickness being only about2-3mm weight/m2 only 2-3KG, which isless than 10 percent of general ground. It has an incompa
     rable advantages in floor-body bearing and space saving.Easy cleaning and intallation
     3.Super wear-resistant
     4 high elasticity and strong anti - impact
     6 High quality fire-retardant
     7 Water-proof and moisture-proof
     8.Great imitation of natural marble in color and touch
     9.High-strength,high-hardness,high/low-temperature resistance
     10.Long service life with low maintenance cost
     11.Easy cutting


     General application of PVC marble production
     1.Education system
        schools, training center, kindergarten
     2.Medical systems
        hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical , sanatorium
     3.Commercial systems
        shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment center
     4.The sports system
         stadiums, activity center
     5.Office system
         office, conference room
     6.Industrial system
        factory workshop, warehouse
     7.Transportation system
         airports, train stations, bus stations, docks
     8.Home system
         family indoor living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, study



Processing technology

PVC marble lines

     1.Raw material mixture
     4.surface hot transfer

PVC marble panels

     1.Raw material mixture
     3.Three roll formation
     4.On spot filming

1.How to order?
1)Please provide us with model,quantity and color if interested.
2)PI would be made as soon as possible
3)We will start processing on the receipt of prepaid part
2.How to transport?
By air / sea/ express courier
3.How about the production time ?
About 10 working days while depends on the quantity or other factors.
4.How about the warranty period?
15 years
5.How about our payment terms ?
1.T/T,L/C are accepted ,with other paying method made on the agreement of both party .